Saturday, 25 April 2009

Greenhouse Finished! Woo Hoo!

Yes, I know the blog has been neglected again, no excuses really, just the weather being good meant the garden could be tended in comfort and the weather being what it is , you dare not miss an opportunity or you'll be out there doing the essentials ankle deep in mud with a hurricane blowing around your ears. I may have mentioned the building of a greenhouse being undertaken by Bill, it is now up and growing stuff. Just went out and took the picture you can see beside this bit of text, still got a lot of sorting out to do around it, but we thought we should get everything that was hanging about on windowsills and practically filling up what was Hannah's bedroom into place and as you can see, Bill is already tending our future crops! Amazingly the whole thing probably only cost us about £60.00 as we were given some wood, had some wood, had rolls of plastic for cold frames and even had most of the paint left over from previous jobs. most of the cash went on the poly carbonate roof panels. Possibly a little rustic for some tastes but it suits us down to the ground, and you haven't seen our shed! They kind of match in a corrugated iron sort of way, an architectural version of designer distress. So there it is, my excuse for a blog and the excuse for not getting it done before. Normal service will be resumed soon, Sarah is away this weekend for our once in a blue moon bit of respite, much needed since, to put it politely she has been a pain in the neck for the last couple of weeks, but these things always resolve themselves. I am having a weekend off, which means catching up here, and probably Twittering too much, thinking about Hannah and wishing her a happy 21st birthday for tomorrow, and wondering where the f*** the years went, and looking forward to Tuesday more than anything because I'll be going down to Cardiff to meet Hannah, have a mooch around in the afternoon and then the CIA for Bob Dylan in the evening, staying down there overnight so there is no rush. A really good day out! It won't be so long before next blog... promise...

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