Sunday, 3 May 2009

We All Need a Bit Of Respite.

Ok, I know a good week has passed and no blog was forthcoming, no excuses, just didn't get time on computer. We only have the one reliable machine and two of us use it. There are alternatives in the house, but not reliably connected to broadband so we tend to use the one that is connected, as both of us seem to do everything online. Can't help wondering how we got on before the Internet, actually, can't help wondering how we got on before broadband! I get quite nostalgic about the old dial up noises, it became familiar enough for me to join in with it sometimes, and the clicking and whirring and clunking of the old printer. With broadband and a newer printer all you get is a vast array of flashing lights.

So anyway, last weekend was quiet because Sarah was away and didn't get home until 4.30pm after Day Centre on Monday, she seemed happy enough, but I don't think there was enough going on over the weekend to occupy her, and needless to say, she wouldn't tell us what she did, and the care home she went to seem unable to tell us anything either. This is something of a failing on their part, but they don't seem to be able to understand the importance of continuity and communication, but I'm pretty sure if I take it up with them I'll be given the lack of staff story. She went there on Friday afternoon after Day Centre and was there for three nights, we get charged just under £10.00 a night, and then she needs spending money which is usually £10.00 a day. This means her weekend away costs us around £60.00 and from the report of her stay which I received on Friday is to be believed, the only thing they did was go out for a meal. Since she came home with no money I'm hoping it was a bloody good meal! All she has told me about the weekend was that she had spaghetti on toast for dinner on Sunday which she didn't like and they went shopping on Saturday. Doesn't sound to good to me.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not really complaining about the service, hell we need it, we are entitled to 28 nights of respite a year. We have used up 9 of this years and will probably only get another 12 before christmas, and they really are very much appreciated. But the cost and the fallout sometimes make me wonder if it is worth the 3 or 4 days of anxiety Sarah goes through prior to her stay, then on her return there's another few days of adjustment. She can put on quite a song and dance before she goes and do a reprise on her return! There is no real pattern to these respite breaks, sometimes they will be Monday to Friday, sometimes Friday to Monday, and they can occur at any time. This is were the problems begin because Sarah like routine and order, and she keeps a calendar in her head. I've been banging on at them for a couple of years now trying to get them to realize that some sort of routine around the dates would be incredibly helpful, but I get nowhere, mainly because the management of the care home changes so frequently there is no continuity. All these thing are beyond my control, which is a bit bothersome, since they seem to be beyond the control of anyone else as well!
Ok, weekly rant over, on to the best bit of the week in following post...

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