Thursday, 2 April 2009

Autism Awareness Day

It is unfortunate I suppose, that Autism Awareness day should fall in the middle of the G20 summit meetings. All eyes will be on the international issues and protests surrounding G20, not many people who don't already know about it will be 'Standing Up For Autism' today. And that is probably as it should be. In the grand scheme of things, protesting about the dire state of the global economy and ecology is definitely more important. Without some degree of global stability and hope of there being a future there is little point in trying to make people aware of yet another group of people who, however worthy of attention, seem to be managing to survive in relatively affluent parts of the world.

That is all I should say. I don't want to offend the people who work so hard to bring autism into the public awareness, I do not envy their task. I just find it somewhat ironic that we are asking people to be aware of autism and at the same time we are asking people to be aware of the bigger picture.

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