Monday, 13 April 2009

Spring Time, Easter and the Moon.

Just realized that I have neglected the blog this week, oh dear, and last week. Consider wrist slapped. No excuse I know, but Sarah has been putting us through it a bit. This is a really awkward time of year for her.
She has deeply embedded routines, some daily, some weekly, some monthly and some yearly. She carries a calendar in her head and can give you accurate dates of events that have touched her going back to when she was a small child, and she will be 24 in December. There is not much we have been allowed to forget.
The most important annual events for Sarah are obviously Christmas and birthdays. It is not just family and friends birthdays, oh no, anyone who spends more than five minutes trying to converse with Sarah will have divulged their birth date, and the names of any siblings. Please note 'birth date'. From this little piece of information she then works our how old you are, and there is no hiding from that because she will broadcast it to all within earshot, followed by how old you are going to be on your next birthday and which day of the week it is going to fall on. If you are interesting enough to her she will sort out your brothers and sisters birthdays as well. She takes leap years in her stride! all this from a girl who can't add 2 and 2 and believes all coins represent 0.01p!
But birthdays and Christmas occur on the same date every year, Easter does not, and to make matters worse the clock goes forward an hour in spring, neither of these things can she deal with easily. She definitely works on her own time, probably linked with her body clock. Although the watch she wears is essential to her, she rarely refers to it of you ask her the time, and she is usually within 5 minutes of being right, so not surprisingly, she gets a bit panicky when an hour disappears in the spring and it takes her longer than most to adjust. Easter jumping about in the calendar has always been difficult because when she was at school it had an effect on half term weeks, which were made all the more difficult with random inset days tagged on the the beginnings or ends of holidays. It was confusing for me, never mind Sarah!
Sarah spent almost 15 years in the education system one way or another, so it is not surprising she still thinks in those terms, (ooh, double meaning!) so she still expects to have a 6 week holiday in summer, and a couple of weeks at Easter, and the half term weeks, happily she gets a long Christmas break.
I am probably asking for trouble, but I think she may be helped by taking on the moon phases which she actually does relate to, being female and acquainted with the 28 day cycle, but this will take time and patience, we will see.
I digress, all I am saying is, with this bit of seasonal upset Sarah has not been the happiest bunny around this Easter, and I would go so far as to say that the last couple of weeks have not been easy, so the blog has been neglected. I shall be back in my stride soon, spurred on by the sight of my dear husband exiting the house with a length of copper pipe... He is building a greenhouse... why does he need copper pipe? This could be a worrying development....

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