Sunday, 22 February 2009

Sunday, should be a simple day. Don't have to get anyone up to go anywhere. Lets face it, where is there to go in the valleys on a Sunday when you do not own (or drive!) a car.
Husband, Bill, out in the garden in his hand built home made shed, he seems quite happy out there, preparing pots and stuff for the planting out of Vegetables which should be beginning soon.
Oldest daughter (23) Sarah, is still in bed. This is not good. She is autistic and lives to a routine which is sometimes a mystery to me and Sunday is pretty difficult for her. All her life Sunday morning has meant a bath in the morning, breakfast then chill until 'Sunday Dinner'. The chill bit is her problem. So here we are midday and the bath has not occurred. There are sounds from her room which is encouraging, but we have to keep help to a minimum as she gets upset if she thinks I am showing her, or telling her, what to do. But things are happening now, I should probably go and supervise from a safe distance, I'll be back soon.

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