Sunday, 22 February 2009

Not too bad yesterday, in fact it all went quite smoothly until I went to make some toast for an afternoon snack. We thought the toaster may be in its last throws a couple of weeks ago, but it soldiered on. Toast just getting warm when a very loud click announced the trip switch had done its job and there were those wonderful moments of silence after the fridge, washing machine, computer, radio, TV and anything else that emits an electrical buzz stops. I love those moments, they only happen when all the electricity goes out like power cuts and you realize how much background noise and nonsense there is. It is rare to find silence.
It didn't last long, Sarah has a bit of a multimedia room, she likes to have a radio or TV on, sometimes both, the computer has to be on, she doesn't actually like using it but it has her iTunes for the iPod shuffle which I deal with for her and her photos are in iPhoto and set as the screen saver so she has a constant slide show going on. Also of course, there is the all singing all dancing electric clock which changes colour every hour and all the little displays on TV, CD player, free view box and DVD player. one of these thing stopping for any reason is bad enough for Sarah, I can't begin to imagine how she felt when the whole lot stopped at the same time. The ensuing screaming and shouting and stamping of feet eventually subsided when the trip switch was flicked, and everything came back on again with not too much resetting as a bonus. Of course outside of Sarah room we still have to find the cause, which was not yet apparent to us, everything seems to be up and running, even the kettle was getting underway again. We probably flicked every switch in the house looking for the faulty thing, appliance or whatever, lets have a cup of tea and consider the event as the kettle has now boiled and I should finish off Sarah's toast. So I push down the toaster lever, the little red light came on and we're in a groundhog day situation, or some terrible sort of De-ja-vu, but this time a herd of angry elephants are coming down the stairs. First instinct was dive for cover, second thought was 'It's the bloody toaster'. Had to get to the trip switch under the stairs before the elephants, which fortunately turned out to be Sarah in a very nasty frame of mind, talked our way into the cupboard and put the world to rights again. Toaster now in bin. Today I have to go and buy a new one. Later.

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