Monday, 30 March 2009

All Is Well, We Got The Watch!

So the birthday week was nearly over, Saturday arrived and the new watch was priority purchase of the day. I don't get a lot of joy from supermarkets, our closest and therefor most used is Asda, which is unfortunately the supermarket that brings me the least joy.
I had negotiated a deal with Sarah over the watch purchase.. If not available in Asda on Saturday we go to Cardiff on Friday. She has another day away from the day centre then, due to staff training. So round about midday Sarah and I ventured off to Asda for some groceries, and a watch. Would you believe it, they have the very same watch that we are replacing and it is remarkably cheap! I know that logic says a more expensive or well made watch will last longer, but this is Sarah we are dealing with and she goes through watchstraps, shoes and bags at an incredible speed regardless of quality or price. So we bought the watch and the other bits we needed and were home within the hour. Amazing.
So Sarah is happy, consequently we are all happy. The rest of the weekend went remarkably well as far as I was concerned, bearing in mind that it was Mothers Day on Sunday.
I'd had a text from my other daughter, Hannah on Thursday asking me if I was sending flowers or a card to her grandmother, my mother in law, I hadn't realized that Mothers Day had come around, so told her that what with the international financial crisis, I was opting to downsize and just send a card. Didn't hear any more from Hannah until text arrived on Friday saying Happy Birthday. I wasn't expect anything from her because she had already bought a couple of tickets for us for a Bob Dylan gig in Cardiff next month which will be 2 days after her 21st birthday, so it will be like a shared birthday treat! Then on Saturday after our success at Asda, I had a bouquet of flowers delivered from Hannah for my birthday, a really lovely thing to do!
But what about Mothers day? Well Hannah has never really got her head around that one, and to be honest I never have either. Sarah had already given me a Mothers Day card she had made in her IT class on Wednesday so I 'm not complaining. I'm sure when I was a kid we never had Mothers day, but I do remember Mothering Sunday when we were supposed to give our mothers flowers we had picked ourselves and be super polite, no cards or breakfast in bed, and it was really only for young children, not grown up children. I don't remember if I ever gave my Mother a card or not but that is not to say I didn't think the world of her and she new that, she didn't need material proof.
So that was me done for the week, Dads birthday, St Patricks day, my birthday and Mothers day all dealt with reasonably successfully.
Of course the most important event of the week was the purchase of the watch, followed closely by the piece of vintage kitchen equipment I mentioned in my last post, and I think that will be the focus of my next post....

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