Saturday, 4 December 2010

I Know It's Pretty, But With Only One Boot......

All this snow is a damned nuisance as far as I am concerned.  I know it looks wonderful and kids love it but all it does for me is complicate matters no end.  Slipping and sliding on ice and maintaining ones equilibrium is a discipline I have never mastered.  The correct footwear is essential and sometime between the last snowfall and this one, my pair of snow friendly shoes have worn out and been disposed of.  So, time to seek out the old faithfuls, must have had them for nearly 20 years by now, Kangaroo boots with little pockets on the ankles which have been used to stash no end of diverse cargo over their 20 odd years.  The pockets are irrelevant, just a few happy memories, the important thing is that they are good for walking in snow and on the nightmare we have today which is black ice.

I went with confidence into the darker reaches at the back of the wardrobe, located the right Kangaroo boot fairly quickly, fired with success I probed further for the left one.  Who knew I had two pairs of purple Doc Martens? I vaguely remembered one pair, absolutely useless in snow and looking a bit tired and worn.  The other pair are brand new with chisel toes, I was a bit taken aback by these, can't think where they came from, or when come to that, and trying to wear a pair of brand new Docs in icy conditions didn't strike me as a sensible move so they were put to one side for further consideration while I delved deeper for the other Kangaroo. Two pairs of cowboy boots and some aubergine coloured leather knee highs with a 5 inch heel later I realised that the boot I required was not where it should be and short of someone breaking through from Narnia and pinching it, it must be elsewhere.

I won't go into detail about some of the other places I looked into for this lost boot, It should be sufficient for me to say that during my search I found items of clothing and accessories that have been in and out of fashion more times I care to remember, and am quietly pleased with myself about a few garments I ran across which I made back in the 70's which are still intact and looking pretty damn good, though I say so myself! But, the object of all this mayhem, one left Kangaroo boot, remained elusive and as I write, remains elusive. The upside of this loss is that I haven't been able to venture out too far into the world since it started snowing. For me this is good. I do not like snow and ice, sorry if I 'm repeating myself but that's all there is to it, I don't like it, and now I've turned large parts of the house upside down looking for a lost boot.. to no avail, so I can go out and do stuff I don't like doing anyway!  Madness!  I decided to make the most of home deliveries from Asda, a far more sensible option than slipping and sliding to the wretched store, which I have to admit is just visible through the bare winter trees at the bottom of the hill, covered in snow.

I did find some shoes which were just about serviceable in arctic conditions, problem with them is they are size 8 mens walking shoes.  They belong to my husband, he thinks they are only a size 7 therefore has been unable to wear them because they pinch his toes.  Personally, I'm a size 5 or 6 depending on style and manufacturer, so two pairs of very thick socks and I can just about get away with them, but they don't exactly make me feel very confident and although it shouldn't be an issue during extreme weather conditions, who wants to be seen out in a pair of their husbands discarded shoes?

Sarah is not to good with snow and ice either and this is a difficult time of year for her, She has her 25th birthday the 19th December and is anticipating gifts and a cake, Christmas a week later, she's just anticipating gifts for that, food is neither here nor there for her at Christmas. But the biggest seasonal problems for her have already started to appear, cancellations due to bad weather.  So far, a trip to Cardiff, a visit to the health spa Jacuzzi, a service users disco and a Gateway Christmas party have all been cancelled.  Personally, I was just pleased I didn't have to struggle out wearing a ridiculous pair of shoes!  Sarah had the screaming ab-dabs of course, to say she went into meltdown doesn't seem appropriate given the current temperatures.  But things have settled down a bit for her, she is in respite this weekend which she almost always enjoys and transport to and from the Day Centre has been amazing this week.  I don't like to think how they've made it around the side roads up on this hill to pick up the four service users that live around here every day this week, none of them in the least bit confident in the snow.  The transport guys have helped them from the front door to the bus and the from the bus to the front door, all smiles and jokes and reassurance, absolutely brilliant. They are of course all wearing appropriate footwear!

So, at some point soon when all the snow and ice have receded I will be found looking in the shops for something decent and reasonably priced to wear on my feet in bad weather, and you can bet your life when I find and part with cash for something appropriate I will also find the lost left Kangaroo boot....

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  1. My son is struggling a bit too because of the weather. Winter has always been harder.

    Yes i bet you find the lost boot too!! :)