Monday, 13 September 2010

It's Monday, So We're Of On A Benefit Scroungers Day Out....

Since Sarah's stay back day from the Day Centre is now Monday, that is the day we have chosen to go out and have a bit of a bus ride and something to eat in whatever establishment appeals and in Sarah's case has either scampi or fish and chips on the menu. So far we have been to Abergavenny, Swansea, Cardiff, Brecon, Pontypridd and Merthyr Tydfil. You should know that none of these places are all that far from Aberdare if you go by car. Cardiff, Ponty and Merthyr are places often visited. It's a bit of a dodgy bus to Swansea so we don't tend to go there much. Abergavenny and Brecon are a tad more adventurous, but buses to these further reaches are few and far between and if you want to get home on the same day you only have time for a quick bite to eat and a wizz around the market if there is one.

We are getting close to running out of places to go on a Monday this side of the weather making Sarah think twice about heading out anywhere, she's not very keen on wintery conditions and is terrified of slipping over on snow and ice, although she is alright with just plain old cold and wet, but not so good if the wind is blowing. The joys of Bridgend and Porthcawl will probably have to wait until next year. Today we have chosen Newport. I've not been there since last time I needed to get my passport renewed in a hurry and thinking about it, since that passport is now out of date, it must have been a good few years ago.

Now my inclination was that this trip should be done by train. My problem with that was having to get cash first, which at the moment for me and trains, is essential. (See previous post.. On The Whole, A Good Day With A Couple Of Hiccups) A problem that is not unsolvable with some forward thought, so I checked the prices. It seems that the return trip for us both would not leave us with a lot off change out of £30.00.

Ok. I know that is not a lot of money. The bus fare is not that much cheaper, my guess would be about £20.00, but you've got to remember that Sarah and I are what the more hysterical newspapers and George Osborne like to call benefit scroungers. Believe me, it's bloody hard work being a scrounger, it's 24/7 and unless you can scrounge up some respite you never get a day off, and £30.00 would see off over half of my weekly Carers Allowance. But Sarah is fortunate enough to be so good at being a scrounger that she has got a free bus pass for herself and because she is not so good at communicating and being able to go out on her own, her bus pass allows her to take a companion with her for free. So on one day a week, like the good scroungers we are, we take advantage of the bus pass and go as far as we can for free.

So Newport, it's your turn this week, I estimate we will be with you around midday. We'll  be with you for a couple of hours to sample your finest fish and chips, see if we can find some of those dragons that are something to do with the golf and catch a glimpse of the transporter bridge.

Ooh, look at the time, 08.41am, we have to leave the house at 09.00am or none of the bus connections work. So I'm cutting and running now, Sarah's iPod Shuffle fully charged, camera in bag, if it doesn't rain too hard I might get to take some photos. Trying to keep up with this scrounger lifestyle can be difficult sometimes...  

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