Thursday, 27 May 2010

In The Garden....

Such a beautiful morning, the light was almost perfect so I took a few pictures which I would like to share with you.  Now before you feel the need to say anything, yes, I know the grass needs cutting and a little bit of weeding would not go amiss, I'm still looking for volunteers on that front: 

Now at this point I would like you to be seeing a nifty little slideshow I made with a musical accompaniment, but which sadly seems not to be uploadable. So here are the photos anyway, you'll just have to hum a tune of your own choosing:

Not quite Chelsea of course, but not too bad for Aberdare, though I say so myself. The flowers you can see are poppies, pansies, the blue 'cornflower' is  Centaurea Montana, the yellow flag iris is growing in the pond. We can't remember the name of the clematis, last year the flower was snowy white and 6 inches across, this year it has a pink tinge to it and is much smaller, something to do with the weather I suppose. The big purple balls are alliums. The odd looking thing is a Teasle. There was an Aquilga flower in there somewhere, a wild garlic flower hiding underneath some Rodgersia podphylla leaves and some pink perennial geraniums. The bench we never get to sit on has bizzy lizzies in hessian pouches waiting to be hung up when they get a bit bigger. The last images is some Alchemilla Mollis which grow like weeds in our garden but first thing in the morning those little drops of water reflecting like jewels on the leaves are magical. 

The music I hoped you were going to enjoy, which seemed appropriate somehow,was Van Morrison, Haunts of Ancient Peace from the album The Common One. And yes, I agree it is very frustrating that the amazon link assumes you will be showing interest from the US and not the UK, but there you go, seems there is nothing I can do about that.  Anyway, make of it what you will, enjoy the photo's and lets hope the weather stays good for a few more days and we'll get the grass cut...

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