Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Ok, It Got Better!

Goodness! How things change, yesterday I was talking about the worst side of Sarah's autism, the side we have being seeing most of for the last few weeks. When she came home from the Day Centre yesterday she was giving us nothing but the best side. According to the communication book we maintain with the Day Centre staff she had a good day and was cheerful and cooperative.

She has just had a week away from the Day Centre as they were closed for half term and the last information we had from them wasn't too good, she was being as challenging there as she has been here. It is always a worry when she displays similar behaviours at home and at the Day Centre, as a rule she keeps her two personalities for two different places. Sorry that's not clear, I should explain that if we are having a hard time with her at home, the chances are that she is being an angel with everyone else. This also works the other way, all through school and college and now at the Day Centre and classes she attends from there, if they are finding her difficult we were getting the best of her.

I should also explain the communication book. It's a bit like a hand written twitter in an reporters note book, which goes back and forth every day in Sarah's bag. I tell them how she is at home and anything else I think they may need to know, and they do the same in return on a daily basis. Short and to the point, unlike this blog!

So this morning is all good, everybody seems to be happy. Onward with the week..... Next post will probably be about the monthly Day Service Users Disco. Don't laugh, this is serious stuff!! Alcohol is consumed, music is ghastly, dancing is something to behold, wheelchairs and zimmers something of an encumbrance on the dance floor but overcome. Everyone should be made to attend one of these, they would see a completely different aspect of disability/learning difficulty or whatever label you want to put on someone not the same as you!

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